Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let's Welcome the Newest Farmers' Market in San Jose

Many years ago I had the extreme pleasure of vacationing in Paris for 2 weeks and while it is difficult to say what I loved most about Paris (everything!), open air markets were definitely one of the things I loved. In Paris one goes to sleep at night to ordinary streets and wakes up to a sea of colorful vending stands selling a vast array of cheese, bread, produce and flowers. While San Jose's farmers markets have not quite achieved Parisian market status, they are none the less part of what makes the quality of life here in San Jose all the better. San Jose City Hall Farmers' Market is the latest and they offer a different emphasis. They are a zero waste market. They encourage people to bring their own bags and walk, bike or take public transportation to get there. They also use only biodegradable packaging. Some of the vendors seem to be there as much to educate as to make a sale. I really like the concept of a farmers' market that one can go to after work. How wonderful it was to pick up some ripe, organic raspberries on my way home from work on Tuesday. And it was a pleasure to see people leaving their offices at City Hall to go do a little shopping at their very own market. A little country in the city is a good thing. The City Hall Farmers' Market is open every Tuesday from 3-7.

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