Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Falcon Fledged

As if San Jose City Hall wasn't special enough, for the past three years a female peregrine falcon has nested there. The father this year was Esteban Colbert. When Mayor Chuck Reed was interviewed the other day on the radio, he mentioned how Esteban Colbert liked to hang out on a railing outside his window. Mayor Reed says Esteban gives him the "Colbert Stare" sometimes and sometimes he is out there ripping a pigeon to shreds. Mayor Reed compares the pigeons to Stephen Colbert's guests on the Colbert Report. Much of the city (and beyond) has been captivated by the beautiful falcon family that goes about its business as the occupants of city hall go about theirs. While I was riding home on Monday I spotted two people near San Jose State looking through a telescope at the rotunda. They pointed out the little falcon sitting on the rotunda and told me she had JUST flown out of the nest. What a sweet sight. You can watch live footage of the falcon family in their nest by clicking here.

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