Thursday, June 25, 2009

Make it Work

If you have ever watched the TV show Project Runway, then you are familiar with Tim Gunn's signature phrase "Make it work."  For instance he will be looking at a dress form draped with seat belt straps and a work table piled with random automobile parts and the contestant has been assigned to make a sophisticated dress from these things and Tim will just say "Make it work."  Well I don't know if I would ever choose to plant most of my garden in recycled plastic containers but the gardener of this lovely plot of land in front of an apartment building on S. 3rd Street made it work.  I am always touched and pleased when I see the great effort people put into making their little piece of the landscape more attractive.  Is it human nature to want to improve our surroundings?


Case Design San Jose said...

At Case Design, we love it when our customers invite us to find ways to make their home remodeling project eco-friendly, or green. Your photos show that "think green" has so many wonderful interpretations on the home!

Stephanie Cooper said...

Case has so many unique and creative ways to improve your home. They listen to you and create the perfect home for you!!