Saturday, June 6, 2009

Exotic Ingredients Right Here in Downtown

I have a favorite Vietnamese market (on S. 10th and Story) but now that I am riding a bike, that market is not so handy. While looking through Everyday Greens Cookbook I found a recipe for Red Curry with Summer Vegetables and Thai Spices that sounded fabulous. The list of ingredients was long and some ingredients were completely unknown to me. I vaguely remembered seeing a Vietnamese supermarket somewhere downtown and so I rode my bike around until I found it (420 S. 2nd St). When you walk inside you are transported into a world apart from the one outside. The market is noisy and busy and packed.  Don't even bother trying to negotiate a cart around the place. I had no problem locating galangal, one of the exotic ingredients I needed for my curry, or any of the other 8 or so other uncommon ingredients I needed. Dai Thanh Supermarket is bright and colorful and in addition to all the food, it carries a wide variety of "objets d'art." I've visited that little tableau with the bananas twice now and one of these days it's going home with me.

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