Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fans Flock to San Jose for NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

Is it just me or is it really easy to get caught up in March Madness?  My first awareness of the NCAA championships came when I moved to Champaign, Illinois in 1971 and I have never seen anything like that level of excitement and obsession about basketball since I moved back to California.  But when I got off light rail in downtown San Jose yesterday I picked up on a very heightened adrenalin level.

I heard this group from a block away.  They were incredibly pumped up and irresistibly friendly.

This group had a friendly rivalry going on with a lot of pom-pom pushing.

This group was unanimous in their allegience.
These guys started to rattle off the rankings (I believe they said UNM was 8th, "Nationally."

Non-partisan paper salesman. I hope the NCAA tournament was good for his business as well as other businesses downtown.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nasdaq Moves to San Jose for the Day, Just in Time for My 100th Post

 I had an idea for the subject of my 100th post but when I woke up this morning to the news that the opening bell for Nasdaq would be rung in the San Jose City Hall rotunda in 24 minutes, I dressed quickly, grabbed my camera and rode down to city hall.  I made it with minutes to spare and was pretty impressed with the glamor of the event, the number of press members

and the large crowd.  It is a special occasion when the ceremonial opening bell is rung anywhere but New York.  The Nasdaq executives were here to observe the 20th anniversary of its presence in Silicon Valley.

By coincidence the company Financial Engines was here for the opening as the country's latest IPO.  If you want to be there for the ceremonial ringing of the closing bell, our very own mayor Chuck Reed will be ringing it at 1:30 today (again in the rotunda of San Jose City Hall).

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sonia's Kitchen-Cheesesteaks and Curb Appeal

I spotted Sonia's seven years ago during the first week I lived downtown. I absolutely loved the bright green and yellow paint job and how unexpected it was to see a cheesesteak place on this corner. Even though I don't eat meat, I couldn't resist checking out the place.

There is an interesting looking vegetarian sandwich option on the menu and even though I am notorious for making poor choices (like the time I ordered the seafood platter in a restaurant in Wendover, Neveda which is located in the middle of a desert) I couldn't bring myself to order a veggie sandwich at a cheesesteak place.  So I engaged the services of a carnivorous guest blogger who went to Sonia's, ordered the pepper, swiss cheese and grilled onion cheesesteak and reviewed it for me.  He said it was great.  The swiss cheese gets all melty and becomes a tasty sauce for the steak and the steak was really good.

Someday I'll order the veggie sandwich.  It can't be as bad as the Wendover seafood platter.