Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bookshop Cat

Children, Sailing, and Home are three categories of books here but I like the mental image I get when I read it:  Children sailing home.
Any retail shop that has a resident cat or dog is guaranteed to get my business.  Even if Recycle Books on the Alameda didn't have an adorable cat I would shop there because of their tremendous selection of used books, but the cat is definitely part of the draw.  The place is packed to overflowing with books but they are incredibly well-organized and easy to browse through.  Recycle Books recently replaced the flooring with gleaming new hardwood floors.  While they were moving and packing books in preparation for the work to be done I thought to myself  "This is not going to work."  But they managed to do it and retain the wonderfully stuffed, cozy feel of the the place.  By the way, it is air-condition and a perfect place to pass a hot summer afternoon.  You're going to love this place.  Did I mention the cool free bookmarks with every purchase?  Are there any other shops in San Jose that have a resident dog or cat?

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