Sunday, May 3, 2009

San Jose, an All-American Rose Selections Winner

The weather was gray, rainy and gloomy yesterday but in San Jose's Rose Garden on Dana Avenue, things could not have been brighter or happier.  Yesterday was a celebration of the announcement that our municipal rose garden will be an official test site for AARS, in fact the only one in northern California.  Hundreds of dedicated volunteers have resurrected this once weedy and neglected rose garden to its current state of grandeur.  The mayor was on hand for the official ribbon cutting as was Tom Carruth, the president of AARS.  Sadly, there were so few people on hand to celebrate, that when the organizers divided us in to two groups, people officially connected with the event on one side of the test rose bed and the mere spectators on the other side, our side had barely enough people to fit around an average size dining room table. Still, the event, with 4,000 rose bushes as a backdrop, was glorious.


margot said...

Too bad it was so rainy yesterday; at least you got some nice shots. I love your new profile picture.

Terry Reilly said...

Hi JoAnn,

Thanks for coming out to the event. Your pictures are so beautiful. If you would be so kind as to send me some of the high res shots, that would be great. I'd love to include them in our collection. The e-mail is on our website I'm glad the weather got better for the hosted BBQ. Funny thing, people will pull weeds in the rain, but not eat in the rain! Glad you could join us!