Monday, May 25, 2009


With the Fanime convention in town, I need someone to give me a crash course in Anime - soon.  I have only the vaguest notion of what Anime is but I do know that San Jose convention goers are rarely this playful and colorful.  And let's face it, with their hats with ears and their pink hair, their fur, feathers, and wings, pleated skirts and whimsical knee socks and purses, they are flat out cute (I hope that is the look they were striving for).  Everyone I approached was more than willing to have their picture taken and tell me a little about the character they were portraying. Within seconds I was lost. For me, this is the great generational divide, along with lightning fast text-messaging and social networking.  Anyway, it was lots of fun and I was sorry to see the Fanime folks packing up and leaving town.

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Bitterbetty said...

hee hee.. my son was at Fanime!