Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shelter from the Storm

I know House of Bagels is a chain, but this particular shop does not look or feel anything like a chain.  The great coffee, fresh warm bagels and friendly people make this place a magnet for local residents, San Jose State students and all manner of folks on their way to work.  They may not know every customer by name but they know us by our orders.  I gave up buying espresso drinks for about six months and when I returned to House of Bagels after the six month hiatus they remembered my "regular" order!  This morning's post was supposed to be about the Tour de California leaving from San Jose but I missed it by a few minutes.  When I decided to stop by House of Bagels and walked in dripping wet, I was handed some towels to dry off with.  Talk about friendly.  You'll love this place.  Located on E. San Carlos between S. 12th and S. 11th St. They open at 6 A.M.

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margot said...

I agree this shop does not feel like a chain; the HoB near me isn't nearly as good.