Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday Cake

When my daughter mentioned she would be bringing me a birthday dessert this weekend, I pictured one of her fabulous cakes that she makes and then reviews on her blog.  So when she showed up with a box of rich and delicious toffee bars, I have to say I felt like I still needed a cake or at least a cupcake.  So off we went to Bijan Bakery.  The store itself is a feast.  The beautiful curved display cabinets are topped with huge sprays of gorgeous flowers and sample cakes.  Because the bakery is long and narrow and plate glass windows run the entire length, everyone gets a nice view of the Fairmont Hotel courtyard.   And now for the desserts.  A member of my book club has made it a tradition to show up at each of our meetings with a box of pastries from Bijan's  and we love them.  I had tasted their tarts and Napoleans and cookies before but I had no idea how huge the selection is here.  You can get anything from a biscotti to a wedding cake and it is all fantastic.  I chose a raspberry mousse layer cake with a raspberry glaze and it was so good I wanted to lick the little paper wrapper that it was served in.  The quality is high and the prices are reasonable. Do not wait for your birthday.  Go now!

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