Thursday, February 19, 2009


The Japanese confection that is sold at this bright, clean, cheerful shop is called manju.  Some of these treats are little round mounds filled with a sweet bean filling and some are smooth, soft, chewy blocks flavored with things like raspberry, coconut, strawberry and orange.  I chose a raspberry block. The taste was subtle but pleasant and the texture was fantastic, just a little bit of fun for your mouth.  According to their website Shuei-Do manju was served to the Emperor of Japan on his last visit to the U.S.  I plan to go back Shuei-Do when the weather warms up for their highly praised shaved ice.  Shuei-do is located at 217 Jackson St. and they are closed on Mondays.

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emmy said...

ummmm you're going to have to take me there next time im in san jose