Sunday, February 8, 2009

Misty, Moisty Morning in Kelly Park

This place is so special to me that I'm reluctant to go public with it. If you go to Kelly Park and walk past the picnic area and the Japanese Friendship Garden and then through a chain link gate, the park opens up into a wild old orchard and a path that follows Coyote Creek. I love the solitude of this place and each season brings its own brand of beauty. Right now the landscape is stark with buds just beginning to swell but the rolling turf is covered with bright, fresh green grasses. This area is teeming with birds all year round. I have seen blue herons as well as Western Bluebirds. In a few weeks this park will be a sea of fruit tree blossoms. Check it out.

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margot said...

I want to take Eloise here next time we visit!