Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Philz! Coffee

Today was a rare mid-week holiday and I started it off with a walk down Guadelupe River Park then went in search of  a much needed cup of COFFEE.  Couldn't park anywhere near peets because of the parade but I remembered seeing a little coffee place on Paseo de San Antonio and so I headed over there.  I became an instant devotee of Philz.  The guy making the coffee was just about as personable and upbeat as a person performing their job could be.  He guided me through the somewhat different approach to coffee and I walked away with a rich, strong but mellow cup of coffee.  He even talked me into a bit of their cream and sugar, which I never have, and I loved it.  They really do make the coffee one cup at a time with a vast menu of different blends.

As I was driving home I spotted these men who were running laps around San Jose State.  One man was carrying the P.O.W. flag and the other the American flag.  Made me think of the little memorial plaque on campus near the chapel and also what a nightmare it must be for family members of P.O.W.'s.

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