Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall Color, San Jose Style

After a morning of bill paying and chores around the house, boxer and I headed out to post the bills and get some fresh air (and food). We ended up at Sabor Salvadoreno (a very clean, proud, authentic little Salvadorian restaurant) for my second try at falling in love with pupusas.  It didn't happen, although the loroco pupusa I had was puffy and tender on the inside with cheese and herbs oozing out and the outside was nicely browned and crunchy, they just didn't GRAB me. Something I might crave about once a year.  I had ordered a fish taco as a back-up and it was great.  The fish was pan seared and super flavorful.  Then we went for a walk around the neighborhood and ran into one striking flower and tree after another.  We also saw a house decorated for a birthday party with these cute owls and I thought how refreshing it was to use something made from paper instead of commercial plastic registered trademark decorations.  We topped off the afternoon with a pumpkin twister from the Foster Freeze on N.4th and Taylor Streets. And no, he didn't get any pumpkin twister.


♥yeeling♥ said...

passing by~

What's the camera do you use?
mind to share with me??^^

JoAnn Freda said...

Thanks for "passing by." I use a canon EOS rebel xsi for almost all of the pictures on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi JoAnn:

Karen and I spend part of our morning perusing your blog. You really have a good eye! I just saw that new coffee house, and since it is now the closest to my office I will be sure to try it out. We liked the story about the Salvadoran restaurant: wes it the one on 11th St. or the one on Park St.?

Tom and Karen