Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ministry of Transport and Art Gallery

It is my pleasure to turn people on to this unique and special business.  The Ministry of Transport and Art Gallery is an auto repair shop for people who want car service that transcends the ordinary. First of all, Dan, the owner, is the most personable, honest, laid back guy you'll ever meet. Just being in his presence is soothing.  His prices are fair, he is accommodating and just a pleasure to do business with.  This place is not for people looking for an impersonal car repair experience.  This is a place to savor.  First there's a little conversation, then a little exploration and then maybe a little time with Cookie the dog (who goes everywhere with Dan, including on his motorcycle). The artwork on the walls may not be the finest but just the fact that it is there makes this car shop a place to be treasured.

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Elise Walker said...

Oh, I'd love to find local services with that bit of local color. I'm jealous.