Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rock and Roll Half Marathon

A friend of mine ran in this race this morning so I decided to roll on over and check it out.  Wow! I had never been to a big race before and I really got caught up in the high energy and excitement of the crowd.  I can see why people run races, it seems exhilarating.  Anyway, somehow in the sea of runners I managed to find my friend (those are his orange shoes) and I got to see my councilman, Sam Licardo, chatting it up with former 49er Roger Craig (who appears to be fit enough to play championship pro ball right now) and I got to see Brandi Chastain who was there to run the race. The Rock and Roll half marathon is special in that it has bandstands set up all along the course with 10 different bands playing. There is also a post-race awards ceremony and concert. Seems like a logistical nightmare to set up but all seemed to be running (ha,ha) smoothly.

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