Thursday, October 29, 2009

Landscape Wow Factor

Last week I happened to be in a neighborhood in downtown that I had never been in before.  I was just strolling along with my dog when I came upon this fantastic tree.  I have never seen so many huge blossoms on one of these Datura trees.  Datura, or Angel Trumpet as they are sometimes called, really thrive in San Jose and this year seems to be an exceptionally good year for them. 


Donna Emerson said...

Beautiful specimen of one of my favorite plants. From the name, it must be related to jimson weed or, as my grandfather would say, loco weed.

Vance said...

Would you be able to, by chance, give me the address of where this beautiful tree is located? I'm an amateur photographer and I would love to get some pictures of this beautiful plant for my portfolio. Thanks a bunch :)

Vance said...

I almost forgot to post my email >.< email me at with the whereabouts of that beautiful tree if you can! Thanks, Vance.