Saturday, October 10, 2009

Meeting Up with the Dog Biscuit Man

Wait, wait, wait..

There is a very nice gentleman who goes walking in the SJSU/Naglee Park/Roosevelt Park neighborhoods and who always carries with him a packet of dog treats. The first time we saw him my boxer didn't even know that the man carried treats but still he dragged me across the street to see the man. One meeting was all it took for this man to become boxer's new best friend and so on our walk this morning when he saw the dog treat man headed our way he quickened his already very brisk pace in order to get to him faster. Little things like this add up to make my neighborhood a nice, not perfect, but nice place to live.


Donna Emerson said...

Bergan looks so cute. I think he's learned a new trick.

margot said...

I can't believe he can keep a biscuit on his nose long enough for a picture. Or maybe I'm just thinking of my dog.

Tadas N. said...

Hi JoAnn, sorry to contact you through your comments but I could not find any other way :-) What's a good way to reach you? I'm an author os and would like to discuss an idea with you :-)