Friday, October 23, 2009

An Endless Stream of Ice Cream

Time is running out on posting about this topic so here goes.  Shortly after we moved into this neighborhood, a friend commented to my daughter that she had just missed the ice cream man. My daughter and I found this amusing because in this neighborhood there is no such thing as missing the ice cream man.  They are like subway trains - another one always comes along. We happen to live right between two ice cream truck warehouses which are to ice cream trucks what roundhouses are to trains.  It is where they go for the night.  All of the carts and trucks have your standard fare like fudgsicles and drumsticks and Strawberry shortcake bars but the really good stuff comes from this truck, B&M.  The proprietor has softserve ice cream and just about any kind of treat one can make from it.  On a hot day when I'm out gardening I listen for his bell and when I hear it I run for my money.

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