Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sheep in Downtown San Jose?

When I set out to take pictures of this whimsical front yard I had spotted last week on North Second Street, I wasn't expecting to have the surprising and enjoyable afternoon that I ended up having.  After shooting these pictures, I headed over to Guadelupe River Park to take the dog for a walk. We were stopped short when we spotted a flock of sheep grazing in the historic orchard.  This unexpected sight was quite exciting for me and Burgan (the dog) and I ran back to grab my camera.  While putting my camera away, I met a friendly and interesting man who also enjoys taking pictures of San Jose, mostly archiving relics that are about to be plowed down.  We connected with each other and we ended up having a rather lengthy and meaningful discussion about many things.  I just think it's unlikely I'd have this kind of afternoon if I was still living in the suburbs.  I love San Jose!

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emmy said...

at where was that??? ;) sounds fun, i can't imaging it would be easy to hold dog dog and take pictures