Thursday, March 12, 2009

San Jose City Hall

San Jose City Hall was under construction when I moved here and my daughter and I watched with great anticipation.  When it opened we were not disappointed.  I think the buildings are absolutely stunning and marvel at the precise stonework and glass work.  Everywhere you look there are beautiful patterns created by intersecting curved and straight lines.  I love the open plaza with the spectacular dome as its centerpiece.  I never tire of looking at the buildings and fountain in every type of light and in every season.  We love hanging out at the fountains or running up and down the ramps.  I've felt like a lone voice sometimes in praising the architecture.  There has been no end to the complaining about the cost or the practicality of the building.  But I feel valued as a resident of San Jose when I see our city hall.  I feel honored that city officials chose to build such a substantial and lasting tribute to the people of San Jose.

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