Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Best Cappuccino Deal in Town

First cappuccino
I have resisted writing about Cafe Docanto because every time I've been there I have been the only female patron and it kind of bothered me that it was such a male dominated establishment.  But they are always very friendly and I can accept that certain places appeal to or are by tradition favored by one sex or the other.
When I was a kid, my father said the same thing every evening when he came home from work: "Did anyone send us any money today?" Well someone (the state franchise tax board) sent me some money yesterday and I wanted to celebrate by going out for coffee. So I headed over to Cafe Docanto and had TWO cappuccinos and some sort of creme filled pastry.
Second cappuccino
 The cappuccinos are strong and robust with just a hint of bitterness and each one costs just $2.  Cafe Docanto also serves Portuguese sandwiches starting at $2. The owner provides free morning newspapers for the customers to read which I really appreciate. There were men sidled up to the coffee bar drinking espresso shots like they were tequila shots and every seat in the cafe was taken and everyone was watching a futsal game.

 A lively discussion ensued when I asked what "futsal" was.  They were having trouble agreeing on a definition so I asked for an English translation and someone said "futsal" is "futsal" in English.  Well almost.  Futsal is like soccer (football) played on a smaller surface and indoors and with a harder, less bouncy ball. For the record, Brazil's and Portugal's futsal teams are internationally ranked first and fifth respectively.


Tom Leddy said...

Hi, JoAnn,

I'm so glad you went to Cafe Docanto. I have been eyeing it up for years, and never quite had the nerve to go in. A few years ago, we had a delicious cappaccino at Cafe Elegante, (at that time an add-on to a beauty salon on Santa Clara), but that didn't last long. Anyway, I have long wished for a viable cafe in our neighborhood.

Karen Haas, your 21st Street neighbor

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Tom its great to hear from your side that you like cafe Docanto but interesting thing is that round about after 3 to 4 days i passed outside of that place but still i nver go inside i will also try it.

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