Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Welcome Addition to the Coffee Scene - Roy's

Thinking about Roy's gives me another reason to be sad that my summer vacation is ending. No more long walks in the morning or leisurely cups of coffee. I'm in "power up and work" mode now. But some Saturday, I will get back to Roy's Station at 6th and Taylor because it is absolutely divine. About a month ago I wrote about the coffee counter at Santo's Market which is a grab and go kind of place. Well Roy's is the exact opposite. From the sleek, shiny, gorgeous red espresso machine to the beautiful tile work and landscaping, Roy's is so beautifully turned out that you won't want to leave. They have all the usual coffee drinks and pastries plus a perfectly restored vintage Coca Cola vending machine, a remnant of the days when Roy's was a gas station. Hence the name Roy's Station. Go enjoy!


margot said...

And if I'm in town (we need to get together soon!), I'd love to go with you, this place looks great!

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