Friday, August 14, 2009

Last of the First Friday Posts

There was a very high-spirited feel to the First Friday Art Walk, partly because it coincided with the Jazz Festival. But the intricate Mola face painting (at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles) also brought out that happy, festive feel. For me the best part of the evening was the live opera by five members of the San Jose Opera at Caffe Trieste. I expected to enjoy it but I wasn't expecting the jaw-dropping, great performances that I got to hear. Without breaks, one opera singer after another went up to the microphone and treated the cafe customers and the everyone walking by on the sidewalk, to truly magnificent solo performances with a piano accompaniment. Add a cup of coffee and a piece of tiramisu and it just doesn't get any better.

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Margot said...

Opera San Jose artists will be performing at Caffe Trieste again next Friday, 2/5. Hope that you'll come by for coffee & dessert, and stay to enjoy some of our favorite arias as we prepare for the opening of The Marriage of Figaro!

Cute photo of Betany, b.t.w.- would you care to share it on our Facebook event listing for the 5th?