Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Friday on South First Street - Part 2

For me, the most anticipated part of the art walk was the exhibit of the photos from the Metro's photography contest. The theme was "Life in Motion" and photographers were invited to submit work related to this theme. The Metro had a really good live rock band playing at the exhibit and a dynamic mix of gallery visitors and photographers. People were invited to vote for their favorite photograph from the contest. I can't wait to see if my choice won. Next up on my art walk was the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. The Institute is currently exhibiting work relating to the theme "Green" with many distinct perspectives on climate change. My favorite was an installation by Christel Dillbohner entitled "Ice Floe." The installation fills an entire room with thousands of cone-shaped, painted pieces suspended by threads from the ceiling. The viewer becomes completely immersed in the manmade landscape. The rock band, wine, and artists may not be there now but the exhibits remain. Treat yourself to some art, check it out.

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