Monday, July 20, 2009

A Two-for-One: Espresso and Shaved Ice

When I was a kid there was a little store, down the street from my elementary and middle schools, called "Handy Market."  In the 18 years I lived in San Lorenzo I only went INTO Handy Market once and I'm pretty sure it was on a dare.  Kids were not welcome in Handy Market.  If you entered, you better have orders from your parents to buy a specific item and money in your hand to pay for it.  Kids had their own "entrance," a window counter on the side of the store which opened (conveniently) just as school let out and on Saturdays.  My girlfriend and I loved this kids' candy counter.  One of the most glorious moments of our childhood was the the time we went there with a whole dollar and proceeded to select 100 pieces of penny candy, taking the time and care one might use when choosing a new car.  The owner must have loved it.  The window counter on the side of Santos Market at 6th and Taylor in San Jose brought back the preceding memory.  The window counter opens at 6 a.m for coffee, espresso drinks and donuts. They serve a steady stream of customers who stop for coffee on their way to work.  Then in the afternoon the window becomes a shaved ice counter selling spectacular shaved ice.  I always thought snow cone when I heard shaved ice but snow cones are a pale, sorry treat indeed compared to shaved ice.  This morning I had an espresso (quite good) and this afternoon I had a fluffy and delicious cherry/bubble gum shaved ice.  There are 3 variations: regular, with ice cream and with bean. The ice cream variation sounds kind of decadent but started to look irresistible when the man ahead of me ordered it.  Next time.

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