Friday, July 24, 2009

My Very Favorite Farmer's Market

With the music guy playing soft rock and folk songs on his amplified guitar and kids dancing in the street and everyone eating and smiling, the Friday Farmer's Market on San Pedro Square feels more like a festival than a market. I love the way people look holding bouquets of flowers - just so pleased. The popularity of this farmer's market has grown steadily over the years and by noon every Friday the street is packed with people, many on their lunch hours, strolling along enjoying all the fresh summer produce. I always feel like I'm a tourist on vacation visiting a special, exotic place when I'm here. My all-time favorite food to eat here is the deep fried vegetable samosas from Indian Gourmet. I buy a few of these spicy, crisp, delicious fried pastries and head off to the beautiful, quiet Spaghetti Factory alley and settle in for a delicious $2 lunch that can't be beat.

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