Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pondering over Grocery Stores

With the impending opening of a Safeway within bicycling distance of my house, I am regarding the numerous Mexican/Latin American markets in my neighborhood with more fondness. When they were the only place to shop I was sometimes disappointed but now I can appreciate all they offer. First, I love walking into my local Mexican market and getting greeted by a blast of color. They always look festive with the ceilings hung with banners and pinatas and streamers. I love having a store within walking distance that sells several kinds of delicious handmade salsa, fresh tortillas for about $1.89 per 5 dozen and creamy, fruity ice cream bars at two for $1.25 (the price went up recently). They carry the apple soda I love, that I hadn't seen anywhere except in Mexico, as well as everything I need to make my family's favorite green enchiladas. My favorite market is the tiny Mi Tierra near the corner of 24th and Santa Clara but my daughter prefers Suvianda at 7th and Santa Clara for its vast selection of fresh produce. Check them out.

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