Monday, January 5, 2009

Tofoo Com Chay

An account of my life in San Jose has to begin with the restaurant Tofoo Com Chay.  I can't recall why my daughter and I found it so difficult to prepare all our meals at home when we first moved downtown but I do remember thinking we might have starved if it had not been for this little vegetarian restaurant and it's wonderful owner Ben.  Not only did Ben feed us, he made us feel welcome.  The friendly atmosphere in his restaurant engendered a feeling of belonging, not just to the neighborhood but to a larger community of people who know Ben and love him and depend on him to meet their needs. Once you've been there, Ben will remember you always and greet you when you walk through his door as if you are just who he wanted to see.  Over the years I have taken many of my family members and friends to Ben's restaurant and he often asks about them too.  He keeps track!  I hope you'll stop by Tofoo Com Chay (388 E. Santa Clara St.) for one of his wonderful soups, rice plates or sandwiches.  He is open every day except Sunday.

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emmy said...

I'm pretty sure we take everyone we know there, from San Jose or not. I'm also pretty sure everyone else who eats at Ben's does as well. No one that I have ever talked to didn't like his food. Now I'm craving it yummmm