Friday, January 23, 2009

Riding in the Rain and Loving Light Rail

When I first began riding to work I figured I'd be a fair-weather rider. I planned to take the car during rainy or any other weather extreme. But then one day on the way home from work I got caught in the rain and I didn't mind it at all. The key to being comfortable the rest of the day is to wear pants that dry quickly, not jeans. As for cold, the coldest we have in San Jose would be considered balmy in parts of the country where they have real winters. I protect my ears with a windproof, wool lined headband and I'm perfectly comfortable. And now for a plug for Light Rail. If you live anywhere near a light rail station and/or work near one, you should give it a try. Sixty-one dollars a month buys you a pass that allows you to ride any part of the transportation system as much as you want. The light rail trains are clean and punctual and provide special cars and indoor racks for bikes. The bike ride part of my commute is 10 miles a day and the train ride part is 32 minutes a day. I love it.

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