Monday, September 21, 2009

Coastal Clean-Up - The Never-ending Story

I try to stay away from negative stuff on my blog but I have to say that sometimes I get discouraged by the amount of litter I see as I walk and ride about the city.  Recently my sister-in-law was visiting here from Woodland and as I drove her to her hotel on 1st Street she commented on the appalling amount of trash on the side of the road.  But I try not to get discouraged and events like the one on Saturday that brought out 40 volunteers to clean our little section of Coyote Creek really give me hope.  Somehow all the young people and the neighborhood faithfuls managed to make cleaning up the creek seem like fun.  We were participating in an international event and here are the statistics from Santa Clara County: 1,486 volunteers came out to clean up 35 sites (approximately 58.68 miles of creek) and removed 23,173 pounds of trash and 7,499 pounds of recyclables from our waterways! 

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