Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Award Winning Tamales Just Five Blocks from My House!

While exploring the Five Wounds neighborhood yesterday, my friend and I discovered a tamale factory on S. 28th St.  We went into the lobby and noticed a small window (closed), a menu and a button to ring for service.  It was still pretty early in the morning for tamales so I went back today.  Turns out El Azteca Mexican Foods is celebrating 50 years of being in the tamale business.

It has been a family run business the entire 50 years and I had a nice long chat with Joe, the current family member in charge. They make two things, tamales and chile rellenos and both were the best I ever tasted.  I make my own chile rellenos from scratch and I think they're pretty darn good but El Azteca's have a better flavor and a puffy coating that's not too puffy.  The masa dough of their tamales is flavorful, chewy perfection and the fillings are tasty and ample.  I got the green chile, cheese and chopped olive filling and  brought home beef and pork tamales to the meat eaters in the family.

I served everything with the tasty chile relleno sauce for an extraordinary lunch.


ScottyMac said...

Wow...How is it that I didn't know about this? Thanks for passing along the tip, I'll definitely be trying some!

Anonymous said...

This place is great! It gets a A+++! The Chile Relleno's are delicious and that sauce - your right its great on EVERYTHING! I stop by everytime I'm in San Jose.
:)Ceci ~Sacramento

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