Sunday, January 24, 2010

Red Berry Coffee Bar, I Think I Love You

Who cares if I'm down to my last few dollars until payday, I had to try the latest (and greatest) coffee place in town.  I heard about Red Berry from the people at Veggielution who sang their praises.  Apparently Red Berry donates all their coffee grounds to the grateful people at Veggielution for their worm bin.  But this is not about worm bins, it is about the best latte in San Jose.  I ordered a latte made with Barefoot beans and it was a cup of sheer bliss.  The milk was perfectly heated and foamed, giving the latte a mellow sweetness and it was rich and smooth.  The only downside (and this is more about me than Red Berry) is that it is impossible for me to wait until 9 a.m. (Red Berry's opening time on weekends) for my first cup of coffee. While I was there a gentleman ordered the Belgium waffles with fresh fruit and real maple syrup (weekends only) and so I had to wait around to see how they looked.  They looked scrumptious and smelled even better. The interior of Red Berry is luxurious but small and intimate with beautiful finishes everywhere and striking artwork on the walls. I love that Red Berry looks out onto my favorite public building, San Jose City Hall, and I love that it brings the nearest coffee place just a few blocks closer to home.


Suzanne Yada said...

I'm a big fan of Red Berry. I walk past it all the time on my way to SJSU. Thanks for the post!

Alan R said...

Another big thumbs up for Red Berry! This is the only place I've been able to get a REAL Macchiato (not that bizarre caramel drink at Starbucks) outside of Italy. The waffles on weekends are amazing. Prices are really fair, service is excellent, love the place!

Anonymous said...

Alan, OK, this is way late, but...even at Starbucks if you order an "espresso macchiato" you'll get a shot with a drop of milk and not a giant carmel monstrosity.