Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just One More Day to Enjoy Christmas in the Park

Dogs are not allowed in the park but he enjoyed 
circling the park and watching the displays.

He especially liked the mechanical animals...

like Mary's little lamb in 
Harker Academy's display.

Christmas in the Park is celebrating its 30th year in San Jose.  I admit that this festival (which has grown from a cheesy little bunch of Christmas displays to a big, even cheesier carnival with rides and food stands) is hard not to love.

Everything is colorful and fun and they even have snow machines to give California kids a little taste of winter. Local schools, boy scout troops and other organizations decorate the trees. People are invited to vote for their favorite tree.

 There is also Ice Skating Under the Palms until January 18th (tickets must be purchased) and a raffle tomorrow night at 7:00.

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